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Welcome to our practice of Family Medicine. Our commitment is to provide you with the best possible care. This web site provides information about our philosophy of medical care and will answer some of your questions about the office. Please familiarize yourself with this information.

New patients must have a first visit for us to meet you and to find out about your current and past medical problems. We use that visit to fill any necessary prescriptions and to determine what lab or other tests are indicated before you return for a more comprehensive physical exam. Comprehensive physical exam visits are therefore not available on a first visit. Please note that our practice periodically must close to new patients in order for us to best serve our current patients. Please see our Insurance page for plans currently-accepted, prior to calling for a new-patient visit.

A Family Physician is a specialist trained and certified in primary care, who treats a patient both as an individual and as part of a family unit. A Family Physician views illness as both a physical and psychological process. We have expertise in most of the various fields of medicine, including pediatrics and geriatrics, so we can be the front line in diagnosing and treating disease. Most importantly we do not just treat illness but strive to prevent disease by helping patients to restore the balance in their lives. Family Physicians can handle about 85% of your medical needs and coordinate care on the other 15% with selected specialists.

Ruth Hoddinott MD is a board-certified family physician, who was recertified in 2013 to the highest national standards by the American Board of Family Medicine. She was also named by San Francisco Magazine as one of the "Best Doctors in the Bay Area" as a result of a survey of other doctors in January 2005.
Norma Espinoza, Nurse Practitioner and Certified Physician Assistant (NP/PAC) works together with Dr. Hoddinott as a team. Norma sees patients the same way as Dr. Hoddinott, and communicates closely with Dr. Hoddinott on complicated medical issues.

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) or a Certified Physician Assistant (PA-C) has 2-4 years medical training similar to a doctor, and is state-licensed to provide medical, diagnostic, and therapeutic care to patients under the general supervision of physicians. Norma has both degrees! We sometimes add additional Nurse Practitioners during busy seasons.

Nurse Practitioners obtain medical histories, perform comprehensive physical examinations, see patients with acute injuries & problems, perform minor surgical procedures, and provide ongoing care for chronic problems such as arthritis, back pain, diabetes and hypertension. NP/PACs can order and evaluate lab tests, treat wounds and illnesses, perform minor surgery, and administer and prescribe medications. Our patients report a high level of satisfaction with their visits with Norma and our other NPs. Please communicate as openly with them as you would with the doctor. Norma is bilingual and speaks fluent Spanish. She has specialized experience in gynecology and adolescents, and does most of the office minor surgery, biopsies and procedures. If your provider is not available for an urgent problem or follow-up visit, please accept the first available appointment with any of us.

Dr. Hoddinott believes strongly that all patients should be known by both Dr. Hoddinott and Practitioner Espinoza so that either provider can provide care to you. Our receptionists will schedule you with either person depending on your medical needs for that appointment, and the availability of the provider. This allows the practice to provide the best medical care to our patients in a timely fashion.

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