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Prescriptions and Referrals to Specialists

To find member information for Brown and Toland patients click here

To find any kind of official information about Medicare click here and then use the "Resource Locator" tab
You can find more information about Medicare drug benefit news by clicking here or click here

To find any kind of information about Anthem Blue Cross click here

A new prescription or referral to a specialist usually requires an office visit first.

For prescription renewals,
please call your pharmacist with the prescription number
and the pharmacist will call us if necessary for approval. It may take up to 3 days to complete the research and paperwork for a refill. Please do not contact our office for refills as it may cause additional delays. Call the pharmacy where you had your last prescription filled. After you call the pharmacy, you may be contacted by our office to schedule an appointment if it has been too long since the original prescription or if close supervision or testing is necessary. Otherwise we will reply to the pharmacy with your refill authorization. Calling our office to check on refill-progress causes us to pull your paperwork out of line every time to check on it, after which it might go to the end of the line again and be further delayed!

Please call long before you run out of medicine. Be sure to plan ahead for weekends, travel needs or insurance company delays. Prescriptions can be difficult or impossible to renew on short notice or during a weekend when the provider on-call does not have your medical chart. Thus, refills will not be processed after hours or on weekends. Mail-In prescriptions for remote patients will be written only once a year unless your pharmacy plan changes. Please try to coordinate all your refills at one time if possible.

For Referral to a Specialist:
check your current insurance company Benefits Booklet or web page for a list of authorized specialists.
They change frequently, and your Booklet or web page has the latest information.
We don't have the Booklets for all the hundreds of insurance companies, but you can get one from your employer.

About Insurance
Prescription insurance-payment or specialist-referral authorization by your insurance plan may take up to two weeks for the insurance company to do all their paperwork back-and-forth with us, especially for newer or more expensive medicines or doctors. We focus on your health care, and provide you with what we believe is the best prescription or referral for you, at the time of your appointment. We do not profit from which prescription we write for you, or to which specialist we refer. Employers change insurance plans, and insurance plans change pharmacy-benefits and specialist-membership all the time to save money. We cannot possibly keep track of all the insurance company changes every year. Your best option might be to pay for the first prescription or specialist-visit yourself right-away, so that you can have the benefit of the prescription or specialist until your insurance company finishes the paperwork, then reimburses you. If you are having a lot of problems with your insurance company not covering visits and prescriptions, or delaying your authorizations, you might want to select a different insurance company, or talk to your employer about it.

If you would like to learn more about insurance company tactics to reduce pharmacy benefits and costs, go to Insurance Drug Benefits

If you would like to check out your insurance company's Report Card, go to NCQA

You can download a Prescription Wallet Card to have your prescriptions and vaccination information readily available in case of emergency. Click here to access it

Urgent Care Clinics After Hours and Weekends

During normal office hours, please call our office first for a visit or referral.

(FYI - Brown & Toland patients do not need a physician-referral to go to these urgent cares after-hours or weekends, other patients check your insurance Benefits Booklet or website for in-network centers).

Seton Express Care
1850 Sullivan Ave (in our new building, adjacent to Seton Medical Center) Suite #150
Daly City CA 94015
ph 650-991-5820

UCSF Screening and Acute Care Clinic
400 Parnassus Ave., First Floor
San Francisco, CA 94122
Phone: (415) 353-2602
Phone (established patients only): (415) 353-8453
See their website for hours and directions

Pacific Family Practice After Hours Care
One Shrader Street Suite 578
San Francisco C 94117
Phone (415) 876-5762
See their website for hours and directions

Ask-a-Nurse Service

Brown & Toland members may talk to a registered nurse advice-line 24/7 at member convenience, just by picking up the phone and calling the Ask-A-Nurse line toll free at 855-423-9974.

This service is for more than just urgent care issues. You may talk to a nurse about:
-Prescription and over-the-counter medications
-General wellness and nutrition assistance; and
-Get recommendations about health conditions

Note that they will not prescribe or refill prescriptions! For a new prescription, call our office. For a refill, call your pharmacy and they will contact us. Prescriptions will not usually be filled after hours or on weekends. For emergencies, call 911, or go to the nearest ER or Urgent Care clinic listed above.


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