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Lab Tests, X-ray, Imaging and other tests

Lab tests are sometimes done on the premises (time or urgency permitting).
X-ray, MRI, ECHO, CT, mammograms, etc. are referred out. Most insurance plans require that lab or imaging work be performed elsewhere to be a covered benefit.

You will receive separate bills from outside labs, X-ray or MRI departments for tests sent out of the office. Contact the phone number on the bill with any questions. You are ultimately responsible for all fees, so be sure all tests are performed at an approved insurance plan facility.

It is your responsibility to identify the lab or specialist approved by your insurance company and use that provider, since they often change and we can't possibly keep track of all the plans. Please do the following prior to your visit to insure that your tests are covered by your insurance:
1. Call or email your insurance company and ask which of the following labs they contract; LabCorp, Quest, Seton
2. Ask if they cover lab tests with "preventive" (wellness) codes or "diagnostic" (illness) codes.
3. Call us with the answers at 650-301-0500 and we will post the info to your medical record.
These simple steps will allow us to continue giving you the best medical care at the least cost to you.

Some tests and X-rays, especially preventive-care tests, are denied coverage by insurance plans, and require payment by you. The benefits offered by your insurance plan are between you, your insurance company, and your employer. We will recommend the tests we think you need for medical reasons.

If you are uninsured, or if your insurer won't cover a prescribed test, or if you don't want your lab results reported to your insurer for privacy reasons, consider using the following services that will order tests and coordinate with a lab near you:
or any other one you want. We do not endorse any particular lab, nor profit from your referral there.

We will call you about abnormal test results only, and you may need to make an appointment to review abnormal results with either provider, or we may refer you directly to a specialist or other for other testing, depending on findings. Normal test results will no longer be sent to you. In order to better serve you, we will no longer review results over the phone.

Here is a link to preventive testing paid for by Medicare Guide to Medicare Preventive Services
Here is a link to Medicare covered and non-covered services.

Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring requires you to wear a small recording instrument -sort of like a Walkman or iPod- for 24 hours. It checks to verify that any high blood pressure readings in our office are not just due to nervousness about being in a medical office; or checks for variable blood pressure. This validates or eliminates consideration of your having to take medicines every day for high blood pressure.This test may or may-not be covered by your insurance, but it is important that you not take medicines unnecessarily for the rest of your life just because your blood pressure goes up when you walk into a doctor's office!


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